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How does Medieval Astrology differ from Modern Astrology?

The Medieval Astrology distinguishes itself for being more precise when it comes to predictive techniques, because it uses specific guidelines that have been left by ancient sages.

Holistic Astrology is based on understanding ones destiny and integrating various parts of one’s life, such as; physical areas like health, spriritual, and emotional aspects, as part of our daily existence.

I answer all your questions, without asking one single question:

Astrology is a map that delineates your life and concerns. Without having to ask one question, I can answer all your concerns that you have, covering a period of one year. Have any doubts, just join me every Tuesday at 7:00 PM Atlantic time, and I'll clarify any doubts in areas such as;

·         Health

·         Economy

·         Work and Career

·         Children

·         Parents

-         And anything else which is apparent in your chart for that year.

In addition to this, we offer you service in areas such as;

-         Legal Issues

-        Evaluating Business matters

-        Life Cycles


Beyound Barriers:

Many have asked if it is the same to consult via phone or distance. He for one likes a more personal approach, and this can now be achieved by downloading Skype and have a videoconsultation without additional cost. It’s the same as if we were both in the same room.

What do you need?

Three things are needed in order to receive the consultation; Date of Birth, Place of Birth, and, the Hour in which you were born is extremely important. He will spend an hour with you, and answer all the questions, without having asked them.

Your Consultation will be recorded:

In order to insure you can review our conversation, the consultation will be recorded in Mpeg3, which can be heard in the car, at home or the office. The intention of having the consultation recorded is that you can review  month per month what he has said, and validate his work. In other words you have proof of what has been said.

Overcome Uncertainty:

The advantage of consulting with David is the fact that you can understand why some things occur in your life, overcome uncertainty and better the outcome of the events that are to happen.

David Hernández is one of the leading astrologers, and the astrologer most requested for interview in the puertorriquen market. His clients are from all walks of life, and he has consulted everywhere from Hawaii to New York, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, Venezuela, Chile and Mexico.

During 2008, Telemundo and David made 18 television specials, interviewing top personalities , politicians, and artist.

You can also visit his blog; Imprimatur Stellarum

He has written two books: "Tomando El Control de tu Destino" and “A Collection of Traditional Methods of Judging and Forecasting Weather”

This year he will launch a documentary called “The Secret of 12,” which has to do in showing people how to understand their cycles.

Don’t you think it’s time to take control of your life?

Act today, send him an email to: David or visit him online with Skype, using his access name davidelastrologo.

Complete Consultation


Guarentee Consultation: I will complete a Natal, Solar Return, Transit, Firdaria, Profection, which will cover areas of your life such as; Health, Love and Relationship, Work and Economy, Spiritual Growth, Friends, Family, and any other asepect you may need. The consulltation can be done via; Phone, Skype or in person.